Admin July 8, 2019
was a helicopter flight over wineglass bay

Helicopters are very versatile that offer so many benefits when it comes to travelling and it seems to be a growing trend. The best surprise I’ve ever given my partner was a helicopter flight over wineglass bay. Just amazing.

There are so many reasons why you should travel by helicopter even at least once in your life.

Get to places faster

You are looking at around 94-140 mph for the average speed of a helicopter. This is more than you are even allowed to drive on US roads unless you are an emergency vehicle. Your travel time is significantly reduced around 1/3 of travel time if you were to travel via ground transportation to the same destination. Using an example if you catch a flight from Hobart airport when staying at one of the best hotels in Tasmania, the travel time by bus, taxi or even biking is around half an hour travel time 

Experience the VIP dealings

One good thing about private aviation is the fact you can have the whole flight revolve around you when you go by private helicopter. You won’t have to deal with all the security lines and get to have your very own luggage handlers at your service.
The private flights use fixed base operators that are often away from all of the normal airline terminals. You will also be entitled to complimentary items like a bar, snacks and private concierge.

You can land almost anywhere

Something else that grabs people’s attention is the fact that the vertical flight capability of each helicopter is a huge advantage that they have over normal aeroplanes. Helicopters don’t need a runway which means they can land in more remote areas like backyards, mountains yachts and parking areas. Luxury hotels and other venues sometimes have their own helipads which are reserved for the VIP guests. What a better way to make an entrance?

You can sightsee at the same time

Most helicopters have extra large windows which allow the passengers to see the most beautiful views from the top so passengers can sightsee while travelling. This can class as a mini-vacation or help you to relax and enjoy the views in order to prepare yourself for a work conference or a presentation. This can all be done just by travelling to your destination via helicopter. Passengers are entitled to their very own headrests that allow them to communicate with the pilot and other passengers on the way.

Travel in style

People have always said that helicopters are just for the rich and famous.  However, there are more operators that are opening up their travelling by helicopter to individuals that most times would be beyond people’s budgets.

The next time you are planning a day out with friends or a special occasion like a wedding anniversary as such think about using the helicopter service. You may just score a deal if you offer to share a ride with other passengers allowing you the advantage of only paying half. A helicopter ride is something to add to your bucket list and is truly an exciting experience not to be missed.