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fine dining restaurants in Hobart

Are you a ‘foodie’ that loves to go on adventures and have a feel of traditional meals across the world? Australian chefs can’t wait to give you a decent meal that might make you ask for more delicacies. Australian veggies and seafood are well-prepared and most of the Aboriginal chefs are passionate about their culinary skills. Usually, tourists are obsessed with food when Aussies display different buffet of local food. Keep on reading if you want to experience some good eating and food adventures.

What Is the Idea behind Food Adventures?

People love to look at how food is arranged on dishes, and indulge in great-tasting meals. This interest provided opportunities for ‘food porn’ chefs and ‘food bloggers’ to create fun engagements. Preparations of cuisine from local chefs are on posted on social media platforms.  Usually, platforms like Facebook and Instagram give access to online users for review. Apart from relishing the sights of mouth-watering food adventures online, we often see these recipes on TV or hear about them from the radio. 

This concept evoked the interest of travelling to foreign countries simply to experience seasonal delicacies or indulge in food adventures. However, I see travel bloggers display images of culinary skills during food adventures. What amazes me more is that food enthusiasts and chefs can take their passion to the next level by cooking on farmlands, by the lake, and in odd locations. In the next segment of this article, you’ll learn about some places that offer food adventure in Australia.

Visit the ‘Stag Restaurant’ in Port Fairy

Port Fairy is not very far from Melbourne, and this location is a fishing village where its locals catch a variety of great-tasting seafood daily. At the Stag, it’s a delight to savour the traditional delights of Aussie cuisine that’s served by very experienced chefs. Apart from food, you can indulge in some diving adventures in any of Port Fairy’s beaches. Additionally, there are local hotels, cottages, and private properties where you can stay until the food adventure ends.

Enjoy the Great Taste of Seafood at Franklin Restaurant in Hobart

Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania, and it’s popular for friendly hosts, scenic views and seafood. At Franklin restaurant, Chef David Moyle is often willing to delight your taste buds with steamed clams and fried oysters. The menu at Franklin has other local and continental cuisine that can pass for real food adventures. While enjoying outdoor dinner on the terrace, you can view the stunning sights of Hobart from Franklin restaurant.  

Between Craft Beer and Wine

Instead of struggling to make a choice between craft beer and wine, simply taste your way from Hobart to the Mornington Peninsula’s vineyards. Don’t forget that you are on a food-and-drink adventure in Australia. While in Hobart, you might taste over seventy-five varieties of craft beer and cider. However, the Waratah Hotel’s bottle shop is the ideal place for people that love to drink beer at any time, and every day. Do you know of any wine enthusiast that might be interested in visiting a vineyard on a horse? The vineyards at Mornington Peninsula offer wine tasting sessions with horse riding tours. You can ask for a horse rider to accompany you from the vineyard when you are tipsy.

Do Aussies Eat kangaroo?

You’ll see the scenic views of Nullabor Plain during your food adventure in Australia. It’s between Perth and Sydney, but a trip on the Nullarbor train is one of the best sightseeing experiences ever. Get ready for a culinary treat and enjoy great tasting kangaroo, beef, and lamb diets.

Tasmania’s food adventures

Tassie is an excellent choice to visit for its food and beverages. There are plenty of fine dining restaurants in Hobart, if that’s your thing. If not, you can just grab lunch at one of the many great places in Hobart. There are also markets and local breweries that you can visit once you’re there!