Admin November 13, 2019

People who travel tend to think there are not many parts of the world where they can go and explore. With social media and everyone writing on blogs it seems that everyone knows about all the main and popular spots to go and delve into. Every destination seems to have been shared a thousand times and photographed more than a billion. You could see thousands of photos of the Eiffel Tower or a million snaps taken at Disney Land. Sometimes, it is hard to see if there are any other worthwhile experiences to travel for.

There are many experiences that are worth spending money or time on when travelling, you may be more invested in the artistic side of things. Maybe you would like to see the latest exhibition showcase on a famous moment in history or perhaps there is a museum display that has caught your eye. However, you might be the type of person who is a thrill-seeker or an adrenaline junkie. This may mean that you spend all your money on visiting theme parks or the world’s most famous roller-coasters and other rides. We recommend that you have a look for unique opportunities for thrills and excitement. There are plenty of zip lining locations around the world that will offer the ultimate chance of enjoyment with an adult zip line. Whatever your interests may be there is always an option out there for some experiences that are underrated and not really spoken about, it just takes a little more looking to find these experiences.

We are still lucky and among the world there are still special spots that do exist that many hungry travelers have not seen yet. There are still people out there that love uncovering secret spots for people to explore and here are a few to name:

Mdina & Zebbug, Malta

Malta is on many people’s list to visit. Maltese people are loving, warm and full of constant laughter and chatter. It is a culture many people want to know more about and delve into a little bit more. It is the ninth smallest country in the world and is a true Mediterranean jewel. Malta attracts travellers with breathtaking views of landscapes and beautiful coast lines. With its medieval heritage and beautiful food. You can visit Mdina palaces, their cultural treasures and the baroque architecture. Zebbug has a huge Arabic influence and is most famous for its three-day fiesta that brings in people from all over the world to celebrate.

Salzkammergut region, Austria

Austria has the perfect alpine goodness wrapped up. Hidden within the Salzkammergut region is the Lake Hallstatt which is one of the most beautiful Alpine lakes within Austria. It has an outdoor adventure playground perfect for the kids in both winter and summer and with the most stunning views you will want to come back time and time again. A railway connects Hallstatt to the salt mine and the Mammoth cave located in Obertraun and the ice caves in Dachstein can both be accessed by cable car.

The Azores, Portugal

Portugal is the flavour for Europe. Its sparkle was even around years ago as it has been known as quite a popular place to visit for many years. While the Algarve is no longer a hidden secret or even a budget destination anymore it is still divine and is definitely a must see. It is an archipelago that is composed of nice volcanic islands that is located in the middle of the Atlantic 800 miles off the coast of Portugal. With breath taking landscapes, crater lakes, volcanoes, waterfalls and fishing villages are already for you. The Azores are often referred to as Europe Hawaii. This has been voted the most exciting and most breathtaking spot to visit on the list.

Perast, Montenegro

Often called beauty at a bargain this is the place to visit without the risk of overspending. It is a quaint town just on the coast of Montenegro and it is waiting for all of you beach enthusiasts to discover the hidden European gem.

With so many places to visit you can be sure to find one that remains a secret and one that you can come home to and tell all your friends about and they will have no personal experience of it. Tell stories and take pictures of places that your friends and family have not been to. You want a unique holiday but not one that everyone has been on and everyone knows about. You never know what you may find on your trip as you may very well uncover another secret spot no one knows about.

Plan your holidays based around what you want and not want everyone else wants. It may be helpful to create a list about what you want to see and prioritise what is most important.