Admin November 19, 2019

When it comes to holidays and vacations away with the family, it can be daunting trying to book a holiday when you are dealing with kids of all ages. Every family holiday is different and there are some things that will affect where you will end up going such as:

  • Flight times
  • Family friendly activities
  • Family friendly places to stay
  • Weather conditions

You will find that each family holiday will be different and there are various places that are more suited to you and your entire family’s needs. If you are planning a holiday there are some great tips when it comes to booking the best holiday. Get your holiday off to a great start, remember to bring your passports and consider some of these tips to help you along the way.

What type of accommodation do you prefer?

  • Villas in the resort, these are a perfect compromise to the ease of a hotel but with the big spaces of a villa. There are restaurants and villas that are within the resort along with outside areas, your own kitchen and living rooms
  • Hotels, the all-inclusive hotels are a cheap option for family holidays and are often a popular choice
  • Apartments, these are often smaller and don’t usually have any outdoor space
  • Camping and taking your own food are a great combination for a budget holiday and gives you plenty of space for the kids to play and exercise

Some people find it important to have their own private bedrooms, private pools or rooms that have a spa. Everyone is different and some need plenty of space for their kid’s whilst others don’t. If you are looking for a bit more space for yourself or for the kids to have their own fun while the adults have theirs, consider investing in hiring a casual nanny who can provide you with some basic nanny services like taking care of the children and keeping them entertained. Hiring some help for your holiday can ensure that everyone is enjoying their time and that there is minimal stress.

The type of place you stay will be determined on your personal preference and what is more sorted to your family. It can be an effort for families to eat out a lot especially with little kids who never sit still. If you have older kids a holiday resort can be a good spot for them to make friends and socialise around the pool.

Paying more for better flight times

You have decided where you are going now you need to book everything. When booking holidays with kids you might be better to pay the extra and have a mid-morning flight. That way kids don’t have to be up early as most likely they are tired and sooky at that stage. This can make the journey with kids a lot easier. Sometimes paying more can mean a better flight with kids and can be well worth it in the end. Once you have booked your holiday you can watch travel blogs with the kids on YouTube. It can be a good way for the kids to research what they can do when they get there. This allows the kids to make some plans and choices of their own and gets them excited. If your children are a little too young to read, then YouTube can show them all about the holiday and where they are going so they have some understanding and feel they are involved.

Planning ahead of schedule

People tend to plan a small activity for each day, and it is best to plan that when it suits your child’s routine. If your children are tired in the afternoon, then plan for morning time. From visiting a museum display with an exciting, new and relevant exhibition showcase for your children to market stalls, a beach and even water-park or recreation centres the options are unlimited what you can do.

Packed lunches

Always ensure that you have plenty of snacks and food available for the kids to eat while travelling or visiting places. Hungry kids are frustrated, and cranky kids and it can save buying so much food when you are out and about. Keep nutritious snacks that have plenty of energy to keep your children focused and full. If they start to feel hungry or even the tiniest bit bored, they will become a hassle to handle and cause you more issues than you could count.

Down time

It is important to remember that your kids may not have quite as much energy as yourself. Adults can and will go longer and seek more when travelling, children will have had enough very quickly into the travel. Make sure you plan recovery time after those long days or strenuous activities to ensure that your children are getting more than enough rest. If they aren’t recovering well it means that they could be more prone to get sick and being sick whilst travelling is the last thing you could imagine enjoying.

So, there you have it. The best advice we could supply for someone who is travelling with their family. The most important thing to remember is that everyone deserves to have a good time, so, make sure you plan to fit everyone’s wants and needs.