Admin January 24, 2020
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Taking into consideration that Melbourne is a very large city, there are so many things that you can do here in this city. Did you know that organizing a venue for hire is simple and easy? Many places have beautiful bars that you can hire for your next upcoming event.  Finding the right bar to hire in Melbourne is a priority, so ensure that you know everything about venue hiring within Melbourne before deciding on a place.

What you need to consider

From all the different areas in Melbourne, event planners can help you find the best place to have your event; they can even offer you a few of their unique services. You want to ensure that the venue you are hiring and considering has plenty of space for the number of people that are coming to the party. Take into consideration the venues parking space, accessibility of the area and the seats first before booking it in. You can hire small booths with access to the bar, or you can opt for more prominent space, but it will depend on your budget and needs. Deciding whether the event will be hosted inside or outside, where guests can smoke their Cuban cigars, will depend on the time of year, as the weather often dictates these selections.
Restaurant bars can get hired out that come with function rooms that work well for both small and large gatherings. You can organise the food from inside the restaurant venue, which can be brought to you at intervals or all at once, like a grazing experience.

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Hiring out the Marvel stadium

It is essential to think about how much space you are going to need when it comes to gatherings. The Marvel Stadium has the Victory room which can seat 1,400 guests. You can separate the rooms if you have two different groups or you only need a small amount of room. The floor has a room area of over 2,000 square metres and serves as a function hall along with a conference room for hire as well. Think about what features you want when hiring the bar out like disability access, visual and audio equipment. The victory room works well for social and sports events and being only a few minutes from the CBD guests can stay in a motel close by.

The four lakes

The four lakes have a function space that works well for those who want to party. There is easy access to the trams that go straight to the venue and is accessible from all parts of Melbourne. They have mirror balls, public address system, amplifiers, speakers and the use of the bar. There are parking spaces for 40 cars and an indoor space big enough to dance around in.

You will need to check with each venue as to how they charge their fees. Some will charge an entry fee per head, or some are just one hefty fee for the hire. Quite often when hiring to a bar, you are required to pay a minimum amount so if that amount is not spent at the bar by the time the party is over you will need to pay the remainder.

Not only do you need to consider going somewhere that is stylish and functional, but it also needs to be safe. Ensure you take a look around the hire space first to ensure it is safe and everything is in working order before booking. Everyone who attends needs to feel safe and relaxed, are able to sit back and enjoy their Cohiba cigars in the outdoor area with a drink in their hand.