Admin February 4, 2020
Car with navigation system

You are probably using google maps more than you even realise when you are travelling around. Google maps are still hitting the top of the list as the best with detailed maps, accurate navigation, GPS alert system and plenty of features that are updated often. Google maps save you time, energy and money and it will help you find places you didn’t even know were there.

To save you the hassle we have gone through google maps and found the best tricks and tips for travellers to make the most of your google maps. You can now use it even if there is no access to the internet or mobile service. Google maps on offline mode are further explained next.

Google Maps – offline

Yes, that is right you don’t actually need an internet connection in order to use google maps on your tablet or mobile phone. In the world where data roaming is expensive and slow having google maps is a great bonus for you.

So, the company has stuffed around with offline support for a while now and it seems we can actually download maps ahead of time and then we can use them while travelling. You can still keep your phone sitting in flight mode while you are navigating around, and the GPS SOS on the device will still continue to work. This can be done for many regions and cities and you can delete them when you are finished with them. Maps can sometimes be very large so download via a Wi-Fi connection if you can.

Using google maps on phone

You cannot get cycling and walking directions only driving but you are still able to see where you are, find any address and different landmarks just by searching.

Google Maps – custom maps

Who would have thought this existed? It is surprising that more people are not taking advantage of the custom map maker. This is a great way to create a visual itinerary to show others where you have been to on your travels. The tool is easy to use, and it can be shared with others. Now you can’t use google maps app to create your custom version, but you can view, create and edit custom maps on the mobile. With android, you can download my maps app. This, however, doesn’t come on iOS yet.

Google Maps – multi-stop

When you are travelling most times your journey won’t just be from A to B. Did you know you can plan out your route for the day all at once with many different stops along the path? You need to get the directions in between the first two locations then you tap on the menu and choose to add stop then for the next do the same as many times as you need to until your route is over.

You will notice the route is mapped out in the app and each different stop is assigned a letter. You can change the method to walking, car, cycling you just need to drag a stop to the different spot if you need to change the order or delete the stop altogether.

Google maps – nearby

When you are in a new city than you are familiar with it can be hard to find places that you want. Google maps understand the concept of “near” so if you type in Thai near me or ATM near me it will load up the results of what is right near your location. this makes it quick and easy to find what you want and not try and work out what people speaking different languages are trying to tell you.