Admin March 12, 2020
Get an internship in Australia

Starting a career life or moving to continue one in Australia can be a bitter-sweet experience. Some people start with an international student internship and work your way to a boss as a company – but it takes time. Normally, culture shock and the inconvenience of settling down abroad bring mixed feelings. However, the pros seem to outweigh the cons in this regard. While Australia has millions of warm-hearted “new” residents, her indigenous communities are happy to receive expats too. Before taking a trip to settle down for work on the continent of Australia, you must get some useful tips to ensure a rewarding experience.

Have Some Expectations

As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, Australia has both mainland and island regions. The region of Tasmania seems to be one of the biggest islands by size. However, there are about 8,000 smaller islands with aboriginal people. Don’t forget that Aborigines are the oldest inhabitants, with a strong cultural heritage in Australia.

Find Decent Accommodation

If staying and working from a hotel, the priority for expats in Australia is to find more permanent accommodation. To experience the warmth of Australians you need to live in a decent neighbourhood. Accommodation abroad comes with options of living in a flat with housemates and renting an apartment or house. Expats with families will prefer the latter because of the convenience. 

However, couch-surfing with housemates is for people that need to manage their income and live as single occupants of rooms. There are comfortable hostels in Australia for expats that are yet to get decent accommodation. Some popular websites for accommodation includes flatmate finders and Others are Airbnb, Santa Fe Wridgways and Facebook Groups.

Have a Network 

As an expat, life with friends in Australia could be very adventurous. While focusing on the reason for moving to Australia, you’ll need a network of friends to make it an easy transition. However, you don’t need to have friends before enjoying life in Australia. Finding a network of professionals with similar ideas or industry interests once you arrive, can be an alternative. Expat networks can share specific advice on career opportunities. They can also help you find international internship programs that can assist in your career. Usually, expats arrive abroad with the needs of support systems. Networking with the right group can ensure a positive vibe and happy experience.

Plan Your Health Needs

The healthcare system in Australia is one of the most effective in the world. Everyone can access Aussie’s public healthcare facilities regardless of their status. Also, there’s a toll-free line for emergency health care services. You’ll need residency status and be a taxpayer before enjoying the healthcare subsidy. However, private healthcare services are accessible by both Australian citizens and people with non-permanent residency status. As expats, the company can sign you up for an employees’ health insurance plans.

Be Accessible – Get A Phone Plan

In Australia, many telecoms companies that offer both 3G and 4G mobile phone SIM (Subscribers Identification Module) cards. Some popular mobile phone service providers include Optus, Telstra, Aldi Mobile, and Vodafone.

Also, they offer broadband and phone plans. It’s important to keep your old phone SIM card for data calls when moving to Australia. Usually, WhatsApp calls are cheaper than voice calls and are useful when you don’t have a phone plan. 

When expats arrive, they can buy mobile phone SIM cards that can be used in any region in Australia. Hotels in Australia use swift networks of WIFI services for guests to access any online platform and make data calls. However, expats can rent homes or flats with broadband services and make monthly payments.

Renew Your Visas before the Expiry Dates

In most countries, it’s a crime to overstay your visa’s validity date. One of the most practical ways of remembering is to create constant reminders. Apply for a renewal at least six weeks before the expiration of your visa. Normally, expats in Australia work with residence visas and they are renewable. It might require the expat to pay some money and schedule a date of the interview with the border control service.