Admin March 24, 2020
work and travel

Having a job has become a necessity for every human being. It’s how we maintain our lives and improve our lifestyle over time. But a constant daily routine, especially for those working in the IT consulting industry, can make a person exhausted. I’m sure we’ve all felt the need to have a break from our daily routines and office environments. Travelling is the best way to refresh your mind and recuperate energy. It gives you a break from the regular working hours, and you can work remotely while travelling. When I worked for an IT consulting company in Melbourne I used to work from home sometimes, working while travelling is a whole other thing. That’s why the most daunting task for an employee is to convince his or her boss that he or she can manage work while travelling. You might also struggle to convince your boss to approve it, but it can be very simple if you work smartly. This article has discussed some important ways and steps that will convince your boss.

Ways to convince your boss

Build trust: The first thing you need is a healthy relationship with the boss to convince him to allow you to work and travel simultaneously. If you are an efficient and dutiful employee, then it will be less difficult for you to convince your boss, but if you have some issues with each other, then it will be a mountain climbing task for you. If you want to hear yes on every request from your boss, then make sure that you have maintained a good reputation in the office regarding your commitment and behaviour. Your professional behaviour can help you to get approval from your boss. If you have a good relationship with your boss, then you have a better chance to present your point in front of your boss.

Talk about the importance of travel: the best way to convince the boss that you can work and travel together is to tell your boss about the importance of travel, and the ways it can be beneficial to maximize business growth and productivity. Try to emphasize the importance of face-to-face dealing with the clients, which helps to create strong relationships with the clients and develop trust and understanding. Physical meetings with the clients help them to trust you more quickly, and that increases the reliability of the business. On the other hand, when you host online meetings, it seems less trustworthy and reliable to the clients, and they hesitate to deal online because of the increased number of fraudulent online businesses. Business travel helps to engage more people with the company and build more and stronger networks. Telling these benefits of travel to the boss will make them consider the importance of travel.  

Present your ‘why’: make sure that before entering the office of your boss, you know your ‘why’. The ‘why’ is the biggest reason that you should be allowed to travel, and it should be strong enough for you to convince your boss. Be prepared with your ‘why’ because this ‘why’ will surely be asked by your boss, as he or she will want to know your motivations. Be clear on the reasons for your motivation, so if your boss suddenly asks why you can have your strong answers to convince them. Along with this, also prepare yourself for a ‘no’. That’s not to be negative and it doesn’t mean to have to accept the no – but it means you are prepared to argue for your cause.. However, remember to always keep your communication professional and simple, and do not try to push your boundaries, because it can create other complications. 

Understand their concerns and provide a solution: even if your points and justification convince your boss to let you travel on the payroll, he or she will likely still have some serious concerns. Some of the major concerns might be resources such as a fast internet connection, the proper time for work, and quality of work you will deliver. To overcome their concerns, you have to give them logical solutions to all their doubts to convince them completely. Make sure that you clear all their concerns to get permission to work and travel together.