Admin April 17, 2020
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We’re all familiar with the charming and tourist-friendly places and towns in Victoria. The most prominent of which is no doubt Sorrento. This is where people come from all over the state, to explore a range of exclusive beach coastal furniture or to enjoy a good surf. Sorrento is Victoria’s most scenic seaside town, located at the tip of the bay. I think this is where I first found my bondi wash (you all know I’m obsessed with it), so I know for a face the shopping is great! Everybody wants to visit this charismatic town, and if you are also planning a beach getaway in Sorrento, Australia, then makes sure you do not forget to make the following adventures a part of your plan:

Have fun with dolphins

If you have ever dreamt of swimming with dolphins, then get ready to make that dream come true in Sorrento. Make sure you jump on the opportunity at Port Phillip Bay, and experience swimming with Bottlenose dolphins and other sea animals (such as the Australian fur seal and other magical-looking fish). This chance usually comes only once in a lifetime, so make sure you do not miss this experience when you visit Sorrento beach. Along with this, explore the underwater marine park that is filled with countless colorful fish and water animals. It’s also worth noting that Port Phillip Bay offers a totally eco-friendly experience, so you can do it with a good conscience. 

Explore the back beach and rock pools of Sorrento

To explore the back beach of Sorrento, you have to go across the board independently. The back beach of Sorrento is clean, clear, and has a good surface. The waves here are stronger than the front beach. Therefore, at the back beaches, you will see the huge crowd of people with their surfing boards. This beach also facilitates activities and rental water sports, which make it more interesting for older kids, teenagers or sporty parents.

Ferry to Queenscliff 

You can take a ferry to Queenscliff from Port Phillip Bay in Sorrento. Its running time is from 7 am to 6 pm, so you might get the chance to watch the sunset or sunrise over the bay. Stopping at Queenscliff, the ferry will give you a good experience, as it is a beautiful seaside town of Victoria. The weather is always fine and dolphins may follow your ferry! If you’re really lucky you might even get a chance to see a Humpback or Southern Right Whale. The combination of all these things will make this experience super memorable for you. 

Sorrento pier and foreshore

The Sorrento pier and foreshore is a very attractive area that one can stop at after a long walk on the beach. The sights (and sound!) of the seashore will remain alive in your heart as you sit down and enjoy a coffee in the sun. Lovely!  

Snorkeling at Portsea pier

Snorkeling is one of the best thing you can do at the Port Phillip Bay of Sorrento. This, because the sea water there is crystal clear and provides incredible underwater visibility. Portsea is the best option for snorkeling because the water there is less rough and powerful, so you can enjoy clear and calm underwater viewing. You will be glad to know that you can enjoy this amazing activity free of cost. 

Go fishing with your friends

When visiting Sorrento, you can also enjoy fishing by renting a fishing boat. There are several varieties of good fishing boats available. You can easily catch fish from the lively ocean.

There are a lot of activities and things which you can enjoy when you visit Sorrento. It is always worth visiting the Sorrento area, and you will never leave feeling disappointed, I can assure you that! There is no doubt that Sorrento has significant charm and attraction. Almost every site in the area is pleasing and soothing. 

In addition to the beach activities, you should also remember to walk through the main streets. That way you will come to know the two sides of Sorrento; the calm, charming bay and the high-end and civilised nightlife. These both are complemented with cafes, malls, shops, and restaurants, which provide you a complete package of joy and entertainment.