Contributor November 25, 2021
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With the development and advancement of new technologies, we are constantly being exposed to new design trends that previously hasn’t been available for people. Whether it’s for their bedroom, workplace, or even a local restaurant. These trends are becoming more common due to the stylish addition they can bring to a new design layout. Curved timber structures are becoming a rapidly growing stylish trend that can be utilized as a part of any timber building or project in your home. Timber is great for these projects due to its longevity, particularly when paired with a Deck stain to further increase its protection against time and the elements. Curved walls are a great addition to any room, to demonstrate this we’ve compiled a list of examples of how a curved wall can be utilized to improve the aesthetic of a room.

Curved Wall For Porch
A Curved wall behind a porch can add some elegant style and should be an arc-shaped storage display model, with exquisite decoration and comfortable concealed light design, presenting an elegant and dignified picture for your porch.

Living Room
The overall decoration of the living room is mainly similar in all houses, with a sofa set, a TV and a center table, but to give your living room a different look, and make your guests be surprised by your living room, the best thing is to have a Curved Wall. In curved wall designs and interiors, the modern and generous space atmosphere is matched with comfortable and simple furniture. The whole living room looks minimalist and modern, full of a young and generous atmosphere.

Deck stain

Curved Wall For A Restaurant
The restaurant that has a unique and elegant line of interiors acts as a magnet to new customers. When heading out for dinners and celebrations everyone wants an ambiance of modern architecture. And to give your restaurant a modernized look, the curved wall is the best and safest option. The simple and generous atmosphere of the whole restaurant particularly makes their customers more comfortable and lifts their mood.

How To Build A Curved Wall?
To define openings and grooves on the wall, it is necessary to define the boundary line of the opening. This is easy to do for flat surfaces however a curved face is tricky. You can do this by creating intersections. First, create an object (in this case, a pipe) that penetrates the face at the desired location of the opening. Also, select the faces and select “create Intersection” in the context. This will create intersecting curves. If you’re doing this around any timber flooring ensure it has received an adequate coat of floor sealer to protect it from any damage during the construction of the wall 

  • What are the main materials used in this project?

Without a doubt, the most important material in this project is concrete. Because of its use, it is possible to realize Ito’s design, which includes curved and twisted walls up to 15 meters, with a slope of 17° in some places.

  • The construction system uses precast concrete walls and slabs specially designed for curved walls. In addition to serving as the structure of the curve itself, they also become the final facade.
  • The concrete slabs consist of 7 cm thick precast grey concrete sheets, using recyclable PET balls to make them lighter. The panels that make up the walls consist of two white concrete slabs with a height of 15 to 21 meters and a thickness of 36 cm. Place it in place during construction, and then cast gray concrete to form a monolithic sandwich wall.

Why Do We Need Curved Walls?
Curved Wall architecture appeared in the 1960s as a response to the defects of modern architecture, especially its rigid dogma, unity, lack of decoration, and the habit of ignoring urban history and culture. Based on the richness and ambiguity of modern experience, including the inherent experience of art, a curved wall is considered a complex and contradictory interior design.

The mixed rather than pure elements, Compromise rather than curves, adaptation rather than amazing ambiance, this is what a curved wall gives to the look of your place.