Admin June 29, 2019
luxury resort in Tasmania

Summer is here and what better time to get a dive than now. It is the time of the year when beaches seem alluring and swimming seems to assure. My favourite waterfront place in Australia is a luxury resort in Tasmania. But if we’re heading overseas, there are plenty of fun places to go.

A tan and a beach outfit to flaunt your figure/abs or a waterfront hotel to stare at the never ending-water and a forever waiting horizon; the idea of this sounds romantic and adventurous at the same time.

So, get away as far as you can from the hustle bustle of everyday life, and check out one of these cool hotels:

Hotel Fasano (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The view from the hotel is due to its presence at the tip of the Ipanema Beach. From the hotel’s rooftop, the entire beach is visible along with the distinctive Morro Dois Irmaos and Corcovado mountains. 

The hotel has retro touches which blends in completely with its location.

Hotel du Palais (Biarritz, France)

The venue was built by Napolean III in France’s glitzy Atlantic resort town in the year 1855. It was a gift to his wife, Eugénie.

It is located above the windswept Grande Plage, which is a few steps away from two beaches.

The marble flooring, crystal chandeliers and plush décor still add up to the grandeur it was designed with.

It has 153 rooms and suites, which are proof of the history as their decoration includes antiques and richly embroidered fabric.

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort (Da Nang, Vietnam)

Another masterpiece by architect Bill Bensley, its temple-like villas seem to dramatically meet the ocean down a mountainside.

Its luxury is an outcome of 197 rooms and suites that each have sprawling terraces and ocean-facing tubs in spa-like bathrooms.

The best part is that even when you aren’t into photography, the Citron restaurant with a dining area like a cone spreading over the mountain and the widespread view of the palm-fringed white sand beaches in front of it will bring out a talent of photography in you.

Rockhouse Hotel (Negril, Jamaica)

The rocky (and not sandy) beaches of Negril are jutted out into the turquoise ocean.

It has 20 thatched-roof villas, made up of stone and timber with private sunbathing decks built directly above the natural water body.

Situated on Negril’s west end, the boutique hotel is one of the most romantic destinations you’d want to visit.

In addition to all of these, the silky shores of Seven Mile Beach will introduce you to the sandy beaches after a short walk.

Soneva Fushi (Maldives)

The perfect getaway since 1995, if you want to get lost in the Maldives, is this resort.

The villas are hidden amongst dense foliage with a one-sided scenery of white sand beaches and coral reefs (UNESCO protected.)

The thatched roofs and coconut wood furnishings, its location and the surroundings will give you a day away from civilization; all of this at a cost of $1,500 for one night in the high season.

Secret Bay (Dominica, West Indies)

Just like the island it is situated in, the hotel itself is a secret.

The white sand coast on one side, with six villas and bungalows lined up on a hillside, is the hideout you’d want to go for.

The villas have hammocks, terraces and plunge pools. They are eco-friendly and are equipped with water saving drip irrigation systems.


These are a few names among the best of the hotels that you need to check out if you plan to feel the comfort of beaches, oceans, nature and your own company (or that of a loved one.) P.S if you want to travel locally, there are some amazing resorts in Wineglass Bay!

Look them up and decide for yourself if these aren’t the dream like places you always wanted to go to.