Admin May 28, 2019
sydneys opera house

What would you do if you only had 48 hours to spend in Sydney? It’s a fantastic question, and to tell the truth, I wish you had more time since Sydney deserves more than two days. I could spend two weeks in Sydney and never get bored.

But if this is your first visit to Australia I know the desire is to see as much as you can, especially if you’re visiting from the US where most of you have a typical two-week vacation.

Considering two days isn’t lots of time to research a town with as much going on as Sydney, you will have to hustle a little, and you will need two full days, so attempt to fly in the evening before!

To get yourself from the airport to the city, you have a few options; jump on the Sydney Airport Link Train that takes 15 minutes and costs $17.

However, the best way and the least expensive way to see Sydney is on foot. Several of Sydney’s highlights could be obtained in for cheap or free by simply walking around.

The ideal place to begin your trip is in Circular Quay, and if you only visited one site in Sydney, that is where I’d send you!

The Quay is the primary transportation hub of Sydney Harbour, and it is here that two of Australia’s most famous landmarks live; the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

I suggest a stroll across the bridge, but, if you would like the experience of a lifetime by scaling over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you really must book ahead. Do not just rock up expecting to tick this off your list; it is a common mistake many visitors make. A sunrise or sunset climb would be magic.

However, a much more affordable option (free) is to walk across on the pedestrian route and take in the same panoramic views but on a lower level.